Lancashire Double Glazing invests in Haffner Murat machine to enhance quality and reduce man hours

Jan 20, 2017

Preston fabricator Lancashire Double Glazing has just invested in an SMR-4 Four Head Welder from Haffner Murat. Mark Noble, the company’s Production Director, said: “This investment will help us to continue with manufacturing an excellent quality product and at the same time reduce production time.”

Lancashire Double Glazing invested in the SMR-4 after researching the market to find the machine that would best suit its requirements. It’s the first machine that the company has purchased from Haffner and Mark was impressed with what it had to offer. Not only is it the most accurate welder on the market today, it’s also up to four times faster than conventional welders. Aside from the speed and accuracy, Mark has also been delighted by how easy the machine is to use. “It’s a very user-friendly machine that takes away a lot of the thinking that comes with welding. There’s a touch screen showing you the welding combinations and the transom support centraliser and it’s very easy to change the blocks, which is a big benefit.”

Like all Haffner Murat’s new machines, the SMR-4 comes with a two year guarantee, a factor that Mark appreciated. “We can see that the build quality is excellent, but the two year guarantee gives us extra peace of mind that our business is protected.” Lancashire Double Glazing will also benefit from Haffner Murat’s team of experienced service engineers who will minimise downtime, in the unlikely event of an outage.

Lancashire Double Glazing is based in Preston and is one of the largest home improvement companies in the North West, with over one million frames manufactured and installed in over 225,000 homes. The company’s reputation precedes it and over 70% of new business comes via referral.

It’s a perfect example of the way Haffner Murat’s products and service help fabricators move to the next level.